RPM support

TimeKeeper comes with several RPM spec files and FSMLabs provides prebuilt RPMs for some platforms.

RPMs can also be built for your platform by using these 2 spec files found in /opt/timekeeper/release64:

These build two separate RPMs for your deployment - timekeeper.spec builds the main TimeKeeper RPM, excluding configuration files. There will only be one timekeeper RPM installed at any one time.

The timekeeper-config.spec build an RPM contains configuration files, such as the site-specific timekeeper.conf file and the TimeKeeper license file. There will also only be one timekeeper-config RPM installed at any one time. Some users prefer to use only the timekeeper RPM and use Puppet or some other configuration management system to manage configuration data - this is fine. FSMLabs does not provide prebuilt versions of the timekeeper-config RPM.

Prebuilt RPMs

FSMLabs also provides prebuilt RPMs of TimeKeeper for various distributions and versions. For more details on getting access to these images, please contact support@fsmlabs.com.