TimeKeeper Grandmaster

Now that you’ve seen how TimeKeeper acts as a client (see the “TimeKeeper Client” section) and then serves that time as a server (see the “Timekeeper Server” section), we can now look at how these features come together in the TimeKeeper Grandmaster Generation 2 appliance.

An appliance integrates TimeKeeper’s features on a tested platform, and adds a number of features to provide a simple out of the box solution for users. These added features include:

The Grandmaster uses a standard 1U platform:

Having an integrated device also allows for more capable software tools, including:

For more details on Grandmaster features, please refer to the section, “TimeKeeper Grandmasters.”

Datasheets are also available at http://www.fsmlabs.com/.

VelaSync model

The FSMLabs Grandmaster is a drop-in replacement for many other Grandmaster models, including the Spectracom VelaSync. Note that FSMLabs no longer allows Spectracom/Orolia to manufacture TimeKeeper based Grandmaster appliances and is instead providing sales and support for VelaSync systems directly and via its resellers.