Installation requirements

TimeKeeper requires 150MB of free disk space for the software installation. Additional disk space is required for log files. The space required for log files varies by the number of time sources being tracked and how often.

TimeKeeper currently supports 64-bit x86 and SPARC processors. Please inquire about others if you require support for them. TimeKeeper can be run on x86 systems with processor speed as low as 500MHz.

On startup TimeKeeper will configure a number of process parameters such as stack size and thread/process priority. No special capabilities are required as TimeKeeper will only reduce it’s priority. TimeKeeper does require the ability to pin processes and threads to specific CPUs as well as adjust its stack size to 64MB. Some environments administratively prohibit this so TimeKeeper will not operate without being allowed to make these calls.

TimeKeeper Compliance

TimeKeeper Compliance requires ‘fontconfig’ and fonts be installed in order to generate reports. Some minimal Linux installations may not include these packages by default. Additionally TimeKeeper Compliance only supports modern 64-bit Linux versions (for example, CentOS/RHEL 6).